Establish one healthy SMART goal today!

It is easy to get overwhelmed that is why to set yourself up for success. We can help you create SMART goals and tackle one goal at a time.

If you have 

Specific - one thing you can concretely do
Measurable  – a way to track your progress
Attainable – a realistic goal that challenges you and that is within your control!
Relevant – this goal is relevant and will aid you in achieving your long term goal 
Time Based – create a time frame for what you want to accomplish your goal

Sometimes getting yourself into action, even towards one small goal, can help relieve the anxiety we have been feeling for staying status quo or feeling stuck. 

Example 1
I will reduce my portion sizes by a quarter for lunch  for 3 days per week for the next 2 weeks  by using a smaller container to pack my lunchto help me towards my goal of losing 5lbs by August 31st.

Example 2
I would like to increase my healthy food options for my family and I  by making 1 recipe that contains at least 1 vegetable 1 time per week  for the next month

Other examples can include following the plate model or reducing eating out from 5 times to 4 times a week.

Work with our physician who is specialized in psychotherapy and Registered Dietitian to make personalized goals at each session and make the change you want now!   Click here to learn more