Night-time craving? Stress/emotional eating?

Night snacking often occurs as a way to provide comfort. 
These comfort foods are often also contain high contents of fats and sugars.

To understand the reasoning for the night snacking…
first, ask yourself, "Am I hungry or am I craving?"

Physical hunger: It's been 6 hours since I have eaten. My stomach is growling.

Craving: Where is the salty crunchy potato chips or the mouth-watering sweet chocolate cake? I need to have them right now!

There’s a big difference hunger and wanting/craving in how your brain works physiologically, which in turn, your solution will be different too!

Take a moment before you reach for the food to: 

Recognize the time of the day where you are experience this wanting.
Look around and see what environment you are in.
“What emotions am I feeling ?” – Am I stressed? Bored? Empty? Lonely? Sad? Excited? Happy? 
How intense is it? (Choose a score from 1 to 10, 1 is the least intense, 10 is most intense)
What thoughts are going through your mind? (screening for permission thoughts)

Great job! You have now identified the trigger to your night snacking!

Consider riding out the “wanting” and see if the intensity of it changes over time after 2mins, after 10 miutes, after 15 minutes. How long did it take to dissipate?

Emotional eating?

When feeling stressed or depressed, many of us turn to food to provide comfort. Try making your own reservoir of non-food related activities to destress and win down after a long day of work. It would be extra beneficial if those activites correlate to your long term goals.

Here are some examples you can try:

  • Reading with a calming tea
  • 10 minutes of breathing meditation
  • 10 minutes to self, away from distractions
  • Playing ball with your children
  • Going out for a walk
  • Planning your next vacation or business idea
  • Writing a daily list of things you are grateful for
  • Taking a warm shower to increase your blood flow
  • Reaching out and sharing with family and/or friend

Where can I get more advice and coaching?
Reach out to our Registered Dietitians today to learn to better manage night craving and emotional eating and to live a fulfilling life you desire. 

Note: During COVID pandemic period, wait time may be longer than usual.