Enjoy your Holiday Sweets Responsibly

'Tis the season to be jolly and fill our holiday table with delicious deserts. You can enjoy your special treat and still stick to you nutritional goal: the secret is to eat in moderation.

Some ways to ensure that you are eating in moderation:

  • Make the serving size of the desserts smaller - Cut cake/cookies/brownies/squares slices in half
  • Adjust the recipe in advance (eg. half the batter of the original recipe)
  • Wait 5 minutes before serving yourself another piece
  • Follow the Health Canada's Healthy Plate guidelines (half plate vegetables)
  • PRIORITIZE eating the vegetable and meat and alternative food group first before digging into the grain food group to help you satisfy your hunger
  • Take more bites and savor each bite (30s for each bite before you swallow)
  • For people living with diabetes: set the desserts as part of your snacks instead of your meal, to help balance blood glucose throughout the day
  • Continue regular and mindful portion control during other meals
  • Family & Friends Time: Schedule a specific time and date with family and utilize technology so that you can continue to enjoy your traditions while staying safe.

This holiday season will be different from any other years and dropping off wonderful bake treats at your family and friends door can help spread the holiday joy while ensuring that you are enjoying your sweets in moderation!

Want more tips on healthy eating, speak with our Registered Dietitian!